Feb 01


faviSometimes I get a bit lost. I lose faith. I think no one can understand that the idea of everyone getting their own personal domain. [see Personal Domains dot net] see a foolish one. Sometimes I feel very alone. And cold. Its so simple. It took Ted Nelson two years to get people to believe in Hypertext. Two years. That feels like a lifetime. In two years a created a little Internet empire for myself. Then lost it all when I got cancer. Was ready for death, 95% chance it will kill me. It didn’t. But that was two years of my life. Hell. So I have started again. Since the end of December I now own and run 33 generic Top Level Domains. Two clients. My Cyberculture paper is being used by a professor in their teaching. BUT AGAIN WHY AREN’T PEOPLE BEATING A PATH TO MY DOOR? This video helps1


Definition of insaninty: Someone who persistes in the same thing but expects a different result. Been doing this since 1998. Am I Insane>? I think not. The conditions have changed see : http://21stCenturyNetworks.net


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