Oct 02 2013


You can commission a video by filling out the form below. Just give me your ideas perhaps a music choice and I will make a movie for you. I specialise in second life so if you have a function or a club I can make one for you. I have 6 club videos on Personal Domains dot net Go to the Video tab. Made with the latest software I can even do widescreen. The video come fully packaged for you and can be put up on YouTube or any domain if you don’t want it to be public. The capture software I use is Camtasia 8 (2013) which produces high quality small files with a built in player.

Getting your own domain is very easy and very inexpensive, a few cents a week. Full training if required is given; Skype me dude.starship (Ireland) asking for video details and we can chat or fill out the form below.


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