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oopsmanand he slowly rested his hand on her thigh

oh shit wrong box  


yes it has happened to us all. In Second Life Chat  there is ” one-to-one ” chat which is private [Instant Message , IM] and local which is public. Some viewers after you have finished typing default to local. I was invited to a party with a gf she said she had to show her face but didn’t like them very much. We went to the party, about 10 people were there. The host and a few others were on her friends  list.

These people are so stuck up and (hosts name) is a complete asshole. Look at them all,  none of then know how to dress and the music is crap. We must get out of here its so fucking boring.

yes she typed this in local instead of IM.


[in rl {real life} I was invited to a party. A good friend from school was having a house warming party. This was in my acid freak days. I went to the party tripping on mescaline. Squatting in Elgin Avenue. OMG they were all so straight. The house was like a million others there was a cortina in the drive 2.4 children on the way. jeez. I lasted an hour. I was polite. I dunno, maybe my sub conscious…..

Great party Martin but I have to go, I have some living to get on with

His face fell and everyone was quiet as there had been a pause in the music.  I just left. I still remember it,  still feel bad about it. It was 1972, my IM subconscious went local]



LOLOL But ya gotta laugh. We are such fools. Of course you haven’t got one. You have never typed in the wrong box! Your name and email remain secure. Or if you want put in oops@oops.com and a fake name BUT PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO THE BLOG! So you can stay updated. Every thing will be published. Yes you can say fuck.  Here is a poem to prove it:

The day the word fuck disappeared Every print of Scarface melted.

The day the word fuck disappeared The Oxford English Dictionary Became obsolete.

The day the word fuck disappeared D.I.Y. enthusiasts Wore black bandages.

The day the word fuck disappeared The word shit Went into hiding.

The day the word fuck disappeared Hiberno-english Mourned an amputation.

The day the word fuck disappeared A worrying proportion of the population Were struck completely dumb.

The day the word fuck disappeared Docks, building sites, housing estates, school playgrounds, sports stadiums and pubs, were eerily silent.

The day the word fuck disappeared The Amalgamated Union of Asterisks Went on strike for higher wages.

The day the word fuck disappeared The prim and purse-lipped Had a weak tea party and an early night.

The day the word fuck disappeared The Collected Poems of Philip Larkin became The Selected Poems of Philip Larkin.

The day the word fuck disappeared A million prayers (what the fuck are you doing to me now) Drifted a little off course.

The day the word fuck disappeared Sex was a little more decorous. Less fun.

Michael Scully ©2009



Name: agp
E-Mail: agpoops@oops.com
Subject: lost
Message: No I don’t love Crissa any more I love you

typed in local, I was dancing with Crissa. Lost them both

Name: TR
E-Mail: sonjaoops@oops.com
Subject: Wrong box
Message: I sent a message to wrong box a few times, i mean who hasn`t! In the middle of sex with one guy and in IM with BF… Typed “fuck me” and “my **** is so wet” to BF ..Oh man was he furious…grinsMy mottoe: Be very careful who you send what to :p
Name: Jessika
E-Mail: jessikaoops@oops.com
Subject: hummm
Message: hummmm – no fuck then




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